Month: August 2018

Facebook is not a website

Facebook Is Not a Website

Getting the most out of Facebook starts with recognizing what it is. And is not. It’s a powerful social media tool that helps you communicate with your customers and introduce yourself to new potentials. However, using it in place of a website can be devastating. Heartbreaking. And down right infuriating.

customer service does matter

Customer Service Matters

It doesn’t cost more to treat people like they matter, but when you provide exceptional customer service they don’t mind paying more. Increasing profit margins can be had in multiple ways but it’s best to start with treating your customers well. You’ll gain more loyalty and make ambassadors of them that will sell your product for you. Make it your mission to sell not just a quality product, but quality service as well.

dont choose a shitty host

Does it matter where you host your website?

Imagine buying a brand new car. Shiny. Glistening. Perfection. And then picture it parked on the street, at night, with the windows rolled down. Does this seem wise to you? Will you sleep well at night? When you pick a web hosting company you’re buying storage for the single most important facet of your online business. You want it to be secure. You want it to be safe. Don’t skimp or dismiss how important this decision will be.