We've got an action plan with your name written all over it.

Shelly Haffly owner of Rusti Boot Creative
  • Shelly Haffly


  • Don't you want a customized solution that fits your business? That works the way you do?

    Of course you do.

    The reason we put such a focus on discovery and planning is to ensure the solutions we provide actually work for your business. While there are business concepts out there that fit everyone, you want a customized business solution that fits you. One centered around your goals, your attitude, and your business. 

    We've spent a lifetime learning to analyze information. Information that helps our clients succeed. We listen to you. We study your metrics and competition. And then, together, we create actionable goals.

    There's absolutely no point in throwing a website to the wind and hoping it works. Planning and setting goals, real goals we can track, is the way to build business confidently and successfully.

    No crossing fingers allowed.

  • What We Do

  • Clarify your message - Define your customer and make him the hero of your story.

    Listen to You

  • search engine optimization - Competitor research and keyword research

    Help You Set Goals

  • promote your business - with a well written, seo optimized website it's time to do some marketing

    Create Success

We are doers. Go getters. Never stoppers. We don't believe business should be done half-assed. We're a creative consulting agency that works with small companies that want to make their mark. Succeed. Earn a good living. Like you and me.

Our mission is to help you succeed and provide services for small businesses that are usually only available to big city pockets. We're not the cheapest solution. But we are the best solution for individuals and small teams that are driven. From ranchers and breeders to authors and startups, we work with folks who like to get things done and don't mind working hard to make it happen.

We like to get our hands dirty. Whether in the soil, in the livestock pen, or digging through Google Analytics we tackle every project with gusto. For our clients and for ourselves. Because that's how business succeeds.

  • Schedule a Consultation to Jumpstart Your Success

What we don't do

You need assurances, guarantees, promises that provide you with confidence that your investment is solid. We know that putting your trust in a web developer is scary. You don't know if you'll get a return on your investment, or whether they'll be there tomorrow.

We hear the stories. We know the consequences, because we've cleaned up the messes.

That's not us. We've been a solid partner with our clients for more than thirty years. We promise, we won't leave you hanging.

We don't just build websites.

If you truly want to succeed, you'll need more than just a website. You need to plan for growth, build a strategy, in-depth and competitive SEO, direct and social media marketing and ongoing support.

We don't kick you to the curb after the launch.

We're in this for the long haul, to help you along the way. We don't leave when the project launches.

We don't disappear and avoid your calls.

 There's nothing worse than investing a small fortune in your business only to hear crickets when you need someone most.

We don't take your digital real estate hostage.

Your stuff is your stuff and will always be your stuff. From domain names to hosting and code, you own it and will have ready access to it at all times.

We don't build a temporary solution.

The websites we deliver are in it for the long haul, scalable, transferrable, built to last, and made to withstand the growth you expect in the future.

We don't always say yes.

You're hiring us for our experience and knowledge, not to stroke your ego. Sometimes what you want may not be the best solution for your business or customers. We'll explain why before you decide.

We don't accept every project.

Sometimes we're just not the right fit. It may be you, it may be us, but if we don't think we're a good match for your business we can point you in a direction that fits your project requirements and budget.

We don't work for free.

We shouldn't even have to say it, but you'd be surprised how often we're asked. Our business, like yours, pays to feed our families and to pay our bills.

Shelly Haffly, Creative Director

So, Who will you be working with?

I'm a farmer, a 12 dog owner, a cook, a gardener, a self-professed homesteader. I raise goats and chickens and horses. I'm a slave to the dogs. A wife, a mother, and grand mother. I teach women to shoot guns and bows, and like to hunt and fish. I'm a wanna-be runner but like to eat pie. I'm impatient, but Jesus loves me anyway. I left the corporate world as a Senior VP of New Business Development, and have zero regrets leaving the cube farm behind. I take a ton of classes to keep up my skills and learn something at every opportunity. I'm my clients biggest supporter, and everything I do centers around the skills and knowledge I need to help them be successful. And lastly, I never quit because winning is fun.