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The primary focus of most of my articles will be about businesses in the online world. We may throw in a nugget or two about business in general. I may include a rant or three. But they will all be in hopes to help you grow your business. 

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ASAP – Automatic Schedule Assassination Problem

I have a process. A schedule. A tightly packed schedule. There’s really no time in there to squeeze something quick, ASAP, or in a couple of hours.

Working through grief - Valentine the little dog who could

How to work during grief

Life throws things at us we’re not prepared for. Unexpected. Heart aching. Gut wrenching. How can you power through your work when your heart is broken and your mental awareness is pulled in multiple directions? Carefully methodical. When life throws me curves, I take a moment to sit still. Brush aside the events, focus on …

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Death of a Website - Content is Critical

The Death of a Website – Why Updating Content is Critical

Your website will experience a slow, agonizing death if the content isn’t updated frequently. You can solve this problem by creating new relevant blog posts, or by taking a hard look at your existing content and getting it in shape. Not doing so is a sure fire way to quickly lose the investment you’ve made on a critical piece of your business.

When a Web Developer Holds your Website Hostage

When a Web Developer Holds Your Website Hostage

What the hell are you going to do? The web developer holds all the cards and your business hangs in the balance. The time to act is before your relationship goes sour. But if you find yourself on the wrong side of a web developer, there still may be hope.

Facebook is not a website

Facebook Is Not a Website

Getting the most out of Facebook starts with recognizing what it is. And is not. It’s a powerful social media tool that helps you communicate with your customers and introduce yourself to new potentials. However, using it in place of a website can be devastating. Heartbreaking. And down right infuriating.

customer service does matter

Customer Service Matters

It doesn’t cost more to treat people like they matter, but when you provide exceptional customer service they don’t mind paying more. Increasing profit margins can be had in multiple ways but it’s best to start with treating your customers well. You’ll gain more loyalty and make ambassadors of them that will sell your product for you. Make it your mission to sell not just a quality product, but quality service as well.

dont choose a shitty host

Does it matter where you host your website?

Imagine buying a brand new car. Shiny. Glistening. Perfection. And then picture it parked on the street, at night, with the windows rolled down. Does this seem wise to you? Will you sleep well at night? When you pick a web hosting company you’re buying storage for the single most important facet of your online business. You want it to be secure. You want it to be safe. Don’t skimp or dismiss how important this decision will be.

Customer Centered Messaging - It's not about you

Customer Centered Messaging – It’s not about you

There’s one thing I’ve learned in my 30 years of helping clients to build their online business that goes against so much of the ‘expert’ advice you see these days: The customer, your customers, don’t care about you. They only care about your product and services in one way: how it can help them.

Investing in your online business

Investing in Your Online Business

You should invest heavily in your website, just like you would on a storefront in a prime location. It is the key to all of your sales, marketing and customer relations. Your website, and the digital marketing that works with it, is not the place to cut corners. Put good budget aside for your digital real estate and treat it like the gold that it is. The payoff is a successful business that is primed for the next level of growth.

SEO on Low Budget Websites

SEO on Low Budget Websites

SEO on a Budget – But first a bit of history So you’ve built yourself a website. Now what? I receive a lot of inquiries on Facebook and LinkedIn looking for free advice (that’s a rant for another day) and today I was asked about SEO on low budget websites. Individuals who have started a …

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