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If you’ve never heard of Casper Rawls, I encourage you to look him up, download his CD (Brave World) and take a look at the company he keeps. Casper is a phenomenal guitar player based in the infamous Texas Hill Country.

A mutual friend of ours brought Casper and I together a good 10 years or so ago to put together a website. We have since launched a second site several years ago, and I’m already thinking up things for his third.

While Casper usually stays out of the direct spotlight in his music career, he knew he needed an online presence to showcase his work, talents, and long history in the music industry. We set to work to make sure that his fans had a way to keep up.

Casper takes an active, hands-on interest in his website. A few training sessions later, Casper uses his night owl time to update his calendar and respond to his fans. Personally.

It’s great when a client takes such an active role after launch.

If you’re ever down Austin way, drop by The Continental Club on a lazy, summer Thursday to see this legend in person. You’ll be glad you did.

casper rawls
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