Lee Lofland

lee lofland graveyard shift

Web Design and Development

Lee Lofland is a former detective, a prolific blogger, and the host to a fascinating conference for writers called The Writer’s Police Academy. His blog, The Graveyard Shift, is a no holds barred tomb of information that crime writers without real world experience truly need.

Lee found us through word of mouth over at Facebook. Lee’s former site was struggling with growth pains. His hosting situation was unable to handle the server load of a website with 12,000 images and nearly 3000 blog posts. In addition, he just didn’t like the design.

Moving Lee’s site to a stronger, faster running hosting platform relieved a lot of the symptoms. Optimizing all of those images and cleaning things up really helped. Lee is quite happy with his new, more powerful website, and with a little bit of training, he back to blogging happily – with optimization in mind.

In the fall of 2018, we’ll be tackling the Writer’s Police Academy website next. Very excited to get that project underway.

If you write crime or pulp or mystery novels, or know someone who does, you owe it to yourself to drop by Lee’s site. He’s a walking Wikipedia of information

lee lofland