The Haley Library

the haley library

Web Design and Development

Probably one of the most fascinating places – full of historical documents, books and periodicals that you can pick up and read – that I’ve ever been. When Pat McDaniel of The Haley Library called, I gassed up the tank and took off to Midland. I’m glad I went.

The Haley Library website at that time was not functional. The menu no longer worked, and in my opinion, was a ticking time bomb just waiting to be compromised. We sat down with Pat to discuss all the needs, wishes and wants he had in mind for a brand new website. With an eye towards functionality, we also wanted to tackle several things to help automate their internal processes. Doing so has helped speed the process to ship books, and for researchers to correspond with archivists.

The Haley Library is also a monthly client. We are working to include many historical stories and images never seen before, providing a deeper and richer historical walk through the eyes of the ranchers and cowmen of old.

the haley library