Weatherford Optimist Club

Weatherford Optimist

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The Weatherford Optimist Club is a non-profit entity located in Weatherford, Texas that promotes goodwill and supports local youth programs in the county. They had an old website that was several years old that had no recent content, still had filler text, and was not useful to anyone.

Their requirements stated they needed a website to communicate with parents about upcoming football programs, club events, weekly scores during football season, rules and regulations and to automate the process for membership.

We’ve created an automated membership process that notifies members when their dues are up, and members can elect to manually pay, or put their membership on subscription.

In addition, parents can now sign up and pay online for program registration. Volunteers can also signup online. Administrators of the site can see and download their reports and perform many tasks much easier, saving time and labor for many of the volunteer staff.

We continue to make updates for the club each month for new events and programs. It’s a great organization and I encourage you to join!

Weatherford Optimist Club
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