Dynamic Worksystems

Project Overview

Paula Sommers and her business partner James wanted a new website to promote their new consulting firm. Initially they had tried to create one themselves and quickly realized they were in over their head. They came to me with a very clear vision on the content, image, and structure of the site. As with most new businesses, they were excited about the opportunities a website would provide as a vehicle for their articles and training courses.

dynamic worksystems

Original Launch Date: January 2018

Industry: Education Consulting

Project Technology: Training & Education

Location: Arlington, Texas

Project Type: Web Development

Website Link: https://dynamicworksystems.com/

Project Goals

Initially the goal was to get their vast content online and available for their current client base. Once launched their plan was to write articles and course material for area school boards. As happens, time and life has taken each of them in different directions and the plans they made haven’t come to fruition. However, the site is ready and prepared in case they decide to jump start again.