Steve Karras

Steve Karras is a fine artist, sculptor, commercial artist, illustrator and musician whose talents are numerous. He creates pieces on a commission basis only, and to a very select few customers. When he’s not creating masterpieces, Steve spends time restoring guitars in his collection, and playing in a band with his friends.

Project Description

Steve approached me to create a website to display artwork in his collection in an online gallery, and to provide a way for clients to contact him for commission work. At this point in his long career, he wanted a way to display his work, offer some up for sale, but without overtly selling pieces in an e-commerce store. We arranged a barter agreement: a website in exchanged for a custom sculpture of one of my dogs. As an artist himself, Steve created his logo, and had full control of the overall look of the website design.

Original Launch Date: August, 2019

Industry: Art

Project Technology: WordPress, Beaver Builder, On Site and Cloud Caching, On Site/Host/Server WAF, Hosting

Location: Washington

Project Type: Web Development, Gallery

Website Link: https://karrasart.com/

Project Goals

Ultimately, Steve had no real goals for his website beyond a basic brochure site where people can find him to contact him for commission work. Of course, I’d like him to keep it updated more with his fabulous work, but he’s keeping himself busy playing and restoring his vintage guitars.

Client Artwork