Privacy and Cookie Policies

Privacy Policies are so blasted complicated
The Short and Long Versions

Mine is no exception. Want to know in plain language what I glean from you? I use analytics to track that you came to my page, what you did while you were here, what you clicked on, how long you stuck around. Based upon your usage elsewhere, not on, Google lets me know a little bit about you. Your gender, your age, your lifestyle.

I used backup software, and integrate some caching plugins to make the site faster. I try to eliminate spam.

If you fill out one of my forms, you're well aware of the data I request and I'm the only person who sees that information.

I track if you've come from social media or if you share to it.

Essentially, I grab enough information to see who's coming to my site, what you like and don't, and I don't give any of that information away.

I won't call you or harass you for any reason because people who do that, suck.

Privacy Policy