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Find Yourself in a Bit of a Pickle?

One thing's for certain - software breaks. If there's code involved, it's subject to corrupt or become buggy. If there's hardware involved it's subject to mechanical failure. It happens.

Don't panic. Shoot us a quick ticket and let us know what is going on. Is your site down? Email out? That's urgent. We will drop everything and get right on that, any day and any hour.

Have a quick update, need a page added, or have some work for us to do? Use the support form below. It will help us keep track of the task without having to search through email, Facebook, text threads or voicemails.

Please note, all support requests are billed on an hourly rate basis, 15 minute minimum or are applied to your monthly care plan. This includes phone support or remote access support. 

Rusti Boot Creative - Client Support System

Care Plan Support

Are you on a care plan? Awesome! That means your support time is covered by your monthly time block allotment at our reduced rates, and provides you with 'first in line', priority support. We will drop everything and get right to work fixing anything that's broken or will put you on tomorrow's schedule if it can wait. If the issue is bigger than your hourly care package, we'll let you know in advance and go from there.

Not on a care plan? Oh shoot! If your request is not an emergency we will get to work on your request within 2 to 5 business days. Depending on complexity and the nature of the request, we may need to provide an estimate or proposal.  As with all our clients, if the site is down we'll drop everything and get that fixed for you, but our standard hourly rates will apply.

Help Us Help You

Sometimes it's faster and easier on certain things if we access your computer remotely. Having trouble setting up your email? Don't know how to use Dropbox? Let us drive.


We use TeamViewer to remotely log in to you computer and either do the work for you, or, show you how. It's safe, simple, and sometimes a whole lot faster! If you think we may need to drive your computer, go ahead and get that installed now. It's free for personal use.


We like to use DropBox to store or transfer large files. It's free up to a specific amount of space used. Go ahead and get that set up too.


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