2014, 2018

Aspen Ridge Cabins

Aspen Ridge Cabins is a small, but growing, family owned cabin rental in South Fork, Colorado. Six cabin units with kitchens are a vacationers dream. Clean, well placed near both outdoor and city attractions, and comfortable, Aspen Ridge has been offering guest accommodations for over a decade. Aspen Ridge Cabins were recently purchased and is under new ownership and management. The new owners are continuously making improvements and adding to the growth of this most beautiful of vacation get aways.

Project Description

In 2016 I was approached by Cody and Shandra who had recently purchased Aspen Ridge Cabins. They needed a new website that permitted guests to see availability, and make a reservation immediately. The first redesign dramatically improved business. We installed an online booking system that allowed for searching cabin specifics, selecting the dates, reserving the room and paying for the reservations. We redesigned the overall look again in 2019, just prior to them putting the cabins up for sale. Aspen Ridge Cabins was then purchased by Jeremy and Katy.  We’ve further improved the booking system by integrating with Google calendar, Booking.com, VRBO and Air BnB to further improve online reservations. We’ve seen the site traffic increase and with a steady flow of social media posts to augment the site, there’s been a great increase in fan loyalty and bookings.

Original Launch Date: August 2014 & September 2018

Industry: Cabin Rental

Project Technology: Online Booking System, Calendar/VRBO/Air BnB/Booking.com Integration, Ecommerce, WordPress, Beaver Builder, Fluent Forms, On Site and Cloud Caching, On Site/Host/Server WAF, Hosting

Location: South Fork, Colorado

Project Type: Website, Logo Design

Website Link: https://aspenridgecabins.com/

Project Goals

Adding an online booking system that takes payment, has a nice calendar so you can visually see your booking schedule, and integrates with other popular vacation rental sites has clearly been an asset. Now open year round, and integrated with the most popular rental sites, Aspen Ridge Cabins has seen a marketed improvement in business. Recent statistics show an increased flow of traffic, and we’ve maintained a high degree of traffic even during the slower months. The new owners have opted to keep the cabins open year round starting in 2022. By increasing social media outreach, and improvements to the property, the new owners are doing an exceptional amount of business in a short period of time.

Client Artwork