Customer Centered Messaging – It’s not about you

There's one thing I've learned in my 30 years of helping clients to build their online business that goes against so much of the 'expert' advice you see these days: The customer, your customers, don't care about you. They only care about your product and services in one way: how it can help them.

It’s not about you

A client of mine received an incoming form submittal from a company in Pennsylvania promoting their video sales techniques. This one proposed an ‘engaging video about you’ to put on their website to ‘help’ promote the business. The kind that is SO not customer centered messaging.

You know, one of those talking heads that start screaming at your customer. Your customer that is quietly sitting in his cubicle, looking for a plumber during office hours. The one who frantically finds the mute button on his keyboard and quickly hits the back button simultaneously to get away from that noise.

That poor sap.

Do you really want a video talking all about you when someone lands on your site?

It sounds good, something someone (desperate) might buy into, believing that it would help sell their products or services.

But is it?

Customers Don’t Care About You

There’s one thing I’ve learned in my 30 years of helping clients to build their online business that goes against so much of the ‘expert’ advice you see these days: The customer, your customers, don’t care about you. They only care about your product and services in one wayhow it can help them.

No one wants to land on a website where the business is thumping it’s own chest about how great it is.

They sure as Schlotzskys don’t want you screaming at them.

They don’t care that your grandfather bought the land your business is on 80 years ago. Or that your mom taught you the fundamentals of business. Or that your first hike in the Grand Tetons was the start of your now booming business.

They just don’t care.


No. R.E.A.L.L.Y.

What they want to know is: how are you going to help me, and how does your product or service fit into my life, my problems, my needs?

Customer Centered Messaging

The content on your website needs to be centered around your customer. Your customer is the hero of all your marketing messages. He’s the hero. Not you.

It’s not about you. You’re the guide to help him fix his problem. The moment you understand that they are the hero, and you are his guide, things begin to shift in your copy.

It’s more positive.

You’re empathetic to his pursuit.

You’re helpful.

You’re understanding.

You want him to accomplish his task.

And when you realize that this message you’re creating works, that your customers resonate, buy your product, come back for more, and tell all their friends how great your business is, you’ll realize that a loud, crass, chest thumping video is the last thing you need on your website.

Well written, customer centered messaging is the key to online success

If you don’t know where to start, or need help in rewriting the content on your website, we can help. We have the processes in place to guide you from start to finish. A website that is built to sell, gain customers, and develop a brand following. It all starts with the story. And that story begins with the customer as the hero.

Want to have a go at doing it yourself? Take the free online course from Enchanted Marketing. Henneke breaks down the writing barrier to help you write simply, but concisely. Without sounding boring.

If you have a few more dollars and a lot of time, Donald Miller’s StoryBrand course is an excellent class to take. If the class is too rich for your blood, he also sells a book on Amazon.

Getting your marketing message customer focused is a labor of time that pays off in dividends. Take a hard look at your content and refocus the words because it will have a direct impact on your sales. Definitely worth the time and investment to get right.



Shelly Haffly

Creative Director
Shelly is a 30 year veteran of the graphic and digital industry, having worked with and for the nation's leading Fortune 500 companies. A driven, no-nonsense kind of gal who works tirelessly to help clients build their business to epic proportions.
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