2007, 2016

Casper Rawls

Casper Rawls is a music industry icon. Having performed with some of the greatest names in rock and country, his name is likely one you never knew. Casper’s career has spanned a good five decades performing with the greats like Buck Owens and Willie Nelson and on albums by the Leroi Brothers, Toni Price and others. Casper is now performing a little closer to home at the infamous Continental Club in Austin Texas where he takes center stage with a variety of cast and crew every Thursday night.

Project Description

A long time client of mine, (and genuinely the nicest guy you’ll ever meet), Casper Rawls approached me wanting a website where he could showcase his legendary talent, discography, and most importantly a place where his fans could regularly check his schedule, buy merchandise, and provide tips on the fly. We’ve added functionality over the years to keep up with fan demands, and Casper’s busy schedule. With such a long and robust music career, Casper knew he needed an online presence to showcase his work. We set to work to make sure that his fans had a way to keep up. When Casper produced his own CD, Brave World, we implemented an ecommerce system for online sales. Most importantly, he wanted a system that was easy to update content himself reducing his maintenance costs, and where he could keep his calendar updated at a moments notice.

Original Launch Date: December 2007 & January 2016

Industry: Music

Project Technology: Ecommerce, Pro Calendar, Music, WordPress, On Site and Cloud Caching, On Site/Host/Server WAF, Hosting

Location: Helotes, Texas

Project Type: Web Development

Website Link: https://casperrawls.com/

Project Goals

We’ve created Casper’s site twice now. The first one hand coded HTML, and now with Wordpress to make simple updates much easier. Casper has a loyal following among the Austin crowd and his peers. Not only do we use the site to sell Casper branded merchandise, his solo CD “Braveworld”, the biggest functionality he requires – and maintains himself – is the calendar. Utilizing WordPress allows Casper to update when it’s convenient, and saves on maintenance costs.

Client Artwork