2016, 2020

Coyote Company leather

Don Otey of Coyote Company Leather is a premium, master craftsman of fine leather products built for the bird hunter and dog trainer who need top quality products that will last a lifetime. Created with fine latigo leather and sterling or brass accompaniments, rugged canvas and perfected stitching, all of Coyote Co Leather’s products will not only please those who seek the finest hunting gear, but will also be easy on the wallet.

Project Description

I’ve known Don Otey for many years both personally and professionally. Don is the fabulous craftsman behind Coyote Company Leather. I purchased an heirloom quality lanyard from Don for my husband way back in 2009. A few years ago, Don approached me while we were both manning booths at the Texas Trophy Hunter’s Extravaganza in Fort Worth. His old website didn’t show his products. It had no way to order the products except by phone. And he had no way to take credit card orders. He needed some serious help. After looking at all of Don’s work, and carefully showing him how an e-commerce store could really boost his business we set to work. We wanted a site to reflect not only the quality of Don’s products, but to also set a tone and theme for his brand. It turned out beautiful. Best of all, the site attracts more customers, a lot more often.

Original Launch Date: August 2016 & May 2020

Industry: Hunting, E-Commerce

Project Technology: WooCommerce, WordPress, Beaver Builder, Gravity Forms, On Site and Cloud Caching, On Site/Host/Server WAF, Hosting

Location: Grand Prairie, Texas

Project Type: Web Design, Social Media

Website Link: https://coyotecoleather.com/

Project Goals

Switching the Coyote Co Leather’s site to a fully optimized e-commerce platform, powered by WordPress, enabled Don Otey to sell more products more often. Business is steady, traffic has skyrocketed, and customers are happy. Within the current economy, Don is able to travel less and attend fewer trade shows in exchange for higher sales online. Utilizing a bit of marketing via social media, sales and site traffic continue to increase.

Client Artwork