Elderado Lodge is a first class dove hunting lodge located in Uvalde, Texas. Joe Elder offers hunting to select clients, and luxury accommodations at his converted barn at his facility in Uvalde. In addition, to the headquarters in Uvalde, Elderado offers additional five-star, luxury vacation rental homes in Del Rio on Amistad Reservoir, and a 2 bedroom home on the beautiful Nueces River in Uvalde. Joe only offers the best lodging, beautifully appointed, with fine amenities, in gorgeous locations.

Project Description

Joe Elder came to me to take over the maintenance of his website. We decided to upgrade the functionality of the site to better accommodate Joe’s business growth. He’s since added additional properties to include not only hunting, but vacation rentals as well. When we met in 2018, Joe wanted me to update his website, provide fast, secure hosting and upgrade the technology the site runs on. I implemented tighter security and a faster, more secure web server. In addition to website maintenance and hosting, Joe needed someone to provide print based marketing materials when necessary, and provide updates as business requires it.

Original Launch Date: February 2018

Industry: Hunting, Vacation Rental

Project Technology: WordPress, Beaver Builder, Fluent Forms, On Site and Cloud Caching, On Site/Host/Server WAF, Hosting

Location: Uvalde, Texas

Project Type: Web Development, Graphic Design

Website Link: https://elderado.net/

Project Goals

Working with Joe over the past few years, we’ve created multiple print based marketing materials (many lost due to a hard drive and backup drive crash in 2019), and updated his website to include his new rental properties. Joe does nothing half way. As client, he’s been great to work with, and while we work to get the best prices on every project with vendors and third parties, he’s willing to spend what’s necessary to make his vision come to fruition. In the summer of 2022, Joe lost his mother and his wife, two women who were a big part of his operation. Our thoughts and prayers stay with him during a time of much stress, heartache and transition.

Client Artwork