Haffly Design

Haffly Design is a unique venture born from my own passion for quilting. Recognizing the technical challenges faced by many quilt pattern designers, I saw an opportunity to leverage my expertise in technical illustration and page layout to support their businesses. By offering these specialized services, I aim to help designers overcome technical hurdles and bring their creative visions to life more efficiently.

Project Description

Reaching a niche market like quilt pattern designers required a strategic approach with a strong emphasis on SEO. To showcase the quality and precision of my illustration work, the website features custom illustrations rather than generic stock photos. Additionally, an ongoing blog serves a dual purpose: keeping the site content fresh and engaging while also improving search engine visibility and organic traffic growth.

Original Launch Date: 2024

Industry: Design

Project Technology: Wordpress, GeneratePress, GenerateBlocks, Forms, Blog

Location: Texas

Project Type: Web Design, Logo, Analytics

Website Link: https://haffly.com/

Project Goals

While the website is still in its early stages, initial results are promising. Organic traffic is steadily increasing, demonstrating the effectiveness of the SEO strategy. Moving forward, the focus will be on expanding the blog content and utilizing social media and other marketing channels to further promote Haffly Design’s services to the quilt pattern design community.

Client Artwork