The Haley Library

Project Overview

The Haley Memorial Library & History Center is a historical, non-profit, museum and research library. The Haley Library has operated a website for several years but were in desperate need of an upgrade. The old site didn’t work, there was no book shop, and researchers were unable to review the materials available. With advancing technology and the rise of social media, The Haley Memorial Library & History Center needed a redesign of their website to align with the goals of the business and the target audience.

the haley library

Original Launch Date: July 2016

Industry: Texas, Historical Library

Project Technology: Research, Library, Book Store

Location: Midland, Texas

Project Type: Archives, E-Commerce

Website Link:

Project Goals

Pat McDaniel and I met at the library in Midland and discussed the real goals he wanted to accomplish with the website. Having an index available for researchers was his primary concern, and from a revenue perspective he wanted to open the book shop to the online public as well. I spent several days at the library taking photographs, getting to know the material, and learning more about how a research library worked. Together, he and I put together a working plan to initiate a fresh start for The Haley website, and what we wanted to put together moving forward to improve the site over the years.