Project Overview

When I joined DIVA WOW back in 2009, their website was dated and didn’t provide them with the functionality they needed. Membership was all recorded manually, and they had to take checks for events because the site had no e-commerce capability. Managing a large membership with monthly multiple events required a significant overhaul to help alleviate the intensive labor required by the volunteers. In addition to the website, the DIVAs were in need of a cohesive corporate branding throughout all of their print and online recruiting and marketing material.

diva women outdoors worldwide

Original Launch Date: August 2012

Industry: Shooting Organization, Women's Organization

Project Technology: Ecommerce, Membership, Pro Calendar, Event Management, Video Production

Location: Dallas, Texas

Project Type: Graphic Design, Logo, Web Development, Video Production

Website Link: https://divawow.org/

Project Goals

Over the course of the last 13 years, the DIVA WOW website has undergone multiple updates to add additional functionality as membership and activities grew. We’ve produced hundreds of materials for promotions, events and recruiting events, logos for the various divisions, raffle tickets, challenge coins, organizational videos, year books, and more. I’ve worked with the DIVA WOW organization to help reduce labor hours for multiple functions within the organization. Automating the membership and renewals, adding events and merchandise to an e-commerce platform, and helping to increase their social media presence we’ve improved nearly every facet of the organization, reduced labor hours, and presented a professional public brand.