Advocate Wellness

Project Overview

Dr. Christian Nelson was referred to me by another client. He was opening a new chiropractic office and recognized he needed an online presence. We worked extensively creating his customer profiles, and defining his business goals. His steady networking, marketing, and business plan has enabled Dr. Nelson to increase his business dramatically over the last few years, using the website as the foundation to his plan.

Advocate Wellness

Original Launch Date: September, 2020

Industry: Medical, Chiropractor

Project Technology: Local, Athletes

Location: Keller, Texas

Project Type: Web Development

Website Link:

Project Goals

We wanted to speak directly to the client base that Dr. Nelson wanted to work with and support and provide those clients with the information they needed and a way to book an appointment. We also wanted a website that was set up for growth as Dr. Nelson’s practice grew. Through strategic planning, the website has provided Advocate Wellness a perfect platform through the rapid growth of Dr. Nelson’s practice.