JBC Water Treatment Company

JBC Water Treatment Company

Web Development and Design

John and Kelli Armstrong purchased JBC Water Treatment several years ago. When they first bought the company, they needed a website — in a hurry. I don’t normally take on projects that can’t do discovery but we did it anyway so they could successfully get it transferred over to their name in a very short period of time. While the one we first launched looked far better than it’s original, it was lacking in many things we needed to fix if it was going to build business for them successfully.

Moving forward, we talked about their goals and ambitions for their new business. How can we implement strategies that would work for their very local market? They were a case study for me on how I can utilize all of my business knowledge and training to make the most impact.

Real numbers, statistics, show we clearly reached – and exceeded – our mark when we launched their second and more permanent website. Their customer base has grown. Their market is engaging with their website and other sources of revenue, and John and Kelli are hiring employees.

What’s on the horizon for this great small local business? Great things. Great, BIG, things. With nearly 3 quarters of statistical data, we have a lot of research and analyzing to do to reach our future goals. Very exciting times.

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