Jacksonville Texas Reviews

Jacksonville Texas is a small town in East Texas that is home to many locally owned businesses. The website is currently a blog consisting of restaurant reviews. The objective was to highlight the good places to shop in town over the chain places that are so familiar.

Project Description

The goals were simple for this site, and growth is the key. Initially, reviews will be isolated to restaurants, but soon retailers will be also be included. The site was built for growth in many directions, including advertising by/for local businesses.

Original Launch Date: November 2021

Industry: Local

Project Technology: Wordpress, GeneratePress, Generate Blocks, Custom Fields

Location: Jacksonville, Texas

Project Type: Blog

Website Link: https://jacksonville-tx.com/

Project Goals

This is a new site and a personal project. It’s purpose will be shifting from a review site, to a site that highlights local, small and micro businesses that may not necessarily have a web presence. In my quest to find equine practitioners, it’s become evident that many solo business owners depend solely on social media making a web search impossible. I plan to find businesses like these and put them on the site so people can easily find their services.

Client Artwork