James V. Head

James V. Head is a Christian author who has written an in-depth, comprehensive study guide on the Book of Revelation. With a background in government programs (Bell Helicopter, Boeing/UTL, Kentron/LTV), and critical analysis in decoding cryptic messages, Jim has used this experience to carefully deconstruct the message from John to the first century Christians. His book, The Angel’s Riddle, is a vast resource of information, complicated in nature, highly footnoted, and is not a book one just sits and reads. Bring a pencil, and a notepad.

Project Description

James V. Head is an author who needed a website to promote his book and its subsequent courseware, currently still in development. His website was a new build during the time his book was being published. In addition to the website, I created the book cover, additional marketing materials, bookmarks, business cards, and advertising. Jim wanted to place besides Amazon and Barnes and Noble to sell his books, and the ability to produce courseware that reflected the contents of the book in smaller, less formal format.

Original Launch Date: June 2017

Industry: Author, Education

Project Technology: E-Learning, E-Commerce, WordPress, Beaver Builder, Fluent Forms, On Site and Cloud Caching, On Site/Host/Server WAF, Hosting

Location: Tyler Texas

Project Type: E-Learning, E-Commerce, Web Development, Graphic Design, Book Cover Design

Website Link: https://jamesvhead.com/

Project Goals

After we created the website and the book was published, Jim and his wife decided to buy a motor coach and tour the US. Production of his courseware was stalled, and put on the back burner. They’ve since returned to a stationary home, and we have begun putting together the courseware to go with his book. He is also writing a fiction based book called The Messengers of God which is near completion.

Client Artwork